Question: Can gas (methane natural gas) companies be trusted with “self-monitoring” Climate Crisis GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions?
The biggest GHG is CO2 (carbon dioxide). Methane is also GHG, 86 times more dangerous. Fans claim methane is cleaner than coal (only if disregarding emissions between well and flame).
Gas brigade pretends negligible leakage in supply lines, easy pretence because methane is colourless and odourless, so difficult to detect.
Recent special infrared camera technology shows methane emissions as big, dark mushroom clouds, no longer clear sky. Such cameras monitor from satellites, then detailed survey from drones. So, activists now make lies undeniable.
Politicians remind us Australia is world leader developing CCS (carbon capture and storage). Biggest world worry is CO2 extraction from coal-fired power stations. Unfortunately, so much heat, huge volume and low concentration means no progress beyond tinker toy trials of old technology.
So, how can Australia be a world leader? Occasionally you see snippets of news about gas wells and may even discover need to remove CO2 contamination, even good news about “membrane separation”, filtering.
CSIRO, Otways, is a $100 million R&D project, methane well, with CO2 contamination removed, pumped into storage test well 2.5km away. CSIRO web site includes words to the effect – Recovering methane from natural gas fields with high CO2 content is the next frontier. Such fields are not viable because of economic and environmental impacts. Some Australian and neighbouring fields contain high CO2 concentrations, some as high as 70 per cent CO2!
So, now Australia with exports of LNG, might we have a worry with CO2, hopefully not 70 per cent?
Gas brigade uses the word “fugitives” about their emissions, often reporting less than one per cent. For real world example, Chevron’s Gorgon is world’s biggest LNG export gas field in WA. At project proposal time, they committed to startup with CCS. Evidently, it’s now in place, four years late, problems with corrosion and valve leakage, for only 40 per cent of total project.
Surely Chevron should have previous experience to enable better than this? Looking at Queensland LNG, no CCS at all.
When only Royal Commissions can disentangle so many lies by banks, aged care and even churches, how can the natural gas industry be considered honest?
Bernie McComb, Phillip Island.