By Shelby Brooks

TWO local pubs are doing their bit for the community by supplying free lanyards for people who are deaf or hard of hearing following the implementation of mandatory facemasks across Victoria.

Many deaf or hard of hearing people rely on lipreading to communicate with hearing people and facemasks hinder the ability to see facial expressions and lip movement.

San Remo Hotel manager Elyse Pratt was inspired to make the lanyards which read, ‘I am deaf. I cannot lipread through your mask. To communicate with me please be patient and use your mobile phone or pen and paper,’ to help her deaf friends.

“I saw Dan Andrews had suggested something similar so I thought I’d make some for my friends who are deaf, and whilst I was there I figured I might as well make some extra in case there were others out there who might benefit from them,” Elyse said.

The lanyards are now available from the San Remo Hotel Motel and The Middle Korumburra Hotel and have been very popular.

“A lot of customers have come to get them either for themselves or for loved ones. We have even delivered some to those who have limited mobility at the moment for when they need to leave the house.”