LIVE music has been off limits for months now, but it hasn’t stopped the progressive mind of Bailey Anderson from bringing live music to the lounge rooms of hundreds of local listeners with Flux.
It’s an established night club event and brand of South Gippsland, the only one of its kind in the area.
Flux’s focus is underground, electronic dance music from Australian and international artists, with an emphasis on progression.
“We have hosted dozens of South Gippsland events, each show beginning with house and evolving over the night through to driving techno music,” Bailey said.
“We’ve proudly hosted artists from all over Australia and the world in the past few years.”
On Saturday, July 4, they brought together a line-up of local artists to livestream to hundreds of listeners.
“With the current epidemic and lack of nightlife across the globe, DJs, artists, record labels and event promoters are turning to livestreams.
“It’s the electronic music industry’s way of adapting to barren dance floors and maintaining a connection with fans through virtual parties.
“A few people including our own resident DJs had asked if we would follow the international trend, it was just finding the right place and time to go ahead with it.”
Who watched the livestream?
“Our audience is mostly locals aged 18-25, however, some of our most loyal followers are much older. We had a variety of artists and punters tune in around the country.”
What did it mean for DJs to play for an audience again?
“It was exciting for us to be able to play a gig, obviously it wasn’t quite as exhilarating as performing in front of a live crowd, however, it was a pretty awesome and unique experience.”
How important is music to you and your listeners during COVID?
“Music is an integral part of our lives and an ‘essential’ supporting act as the international community hangs in the balance of these dramatic times.
“I strongly believe it helps people through their hardships and allows us the ability to connect to one another whether we are confined to lockdown or not.
“It was amazing to see videos of our followers dancing in their homes and enjoying the livestream.
“If we made just one person cope a little easier with their current reality, then it was all worth the effort.
“It was also a pretty big relief for us to finally play a ‘gig’ again, with no sight of when or where the next clubbing or outdoor music event will be,” Bailey said.