PARENTS have been covering their ears all week after Poowong Consolidated School delivered 153 recorders to all its students last week.

Poowong Consolidated School student Madi entertaining her family while remote learning.

The return to remote learning coincided with the recorder hand-out, principal Cate McKenzie said, and wasn’t intended to drive parents crazy.

“It’s been a bit of fun,” she said.

“Though I do feel for families who have more than one student!”

The decision to provide all students with a recorder, as supplementary to their music lessons, was an initiative of music teacher Tracey Mandemaker and it turned out to be community spirit at its very best.

Through remote music lessons, the students have learnt how to blow through the recorder and play one note, before progressing to Mary Had a Little Lamb.

Cate’s own son Tye was also presented with a recorder and week one of home learning involved practising to hold one note, a skill he was only beginning to master when he performed on ABC Radio last week.

Cooper concentrating hard to learn a song on the recorder at home.

Parents have embraced the recorders as much as they can, posting videos of themselves playing duets and performing Tik Toks with their kids on Facebook.

“I think initially parents thought it sounded like we were doing a horrible thing to them but now families are bonding over it and it’s something they can do together,” Ms McKenzie said.

But learning from home for six weeks, until the start of term four, is a long time. They’re taking it one day at a time and anything to lift the spirits is welcome.

However, kids should certainly be limited to two sessions of recorder practice a day, for their own sanity.