Nicholls Road, Mardan has been closed, adjacent to Mayalls Road, to all through traffic due to a culvert failure resulting in significant scouring under the road pavement.

The scouring has produced a cavity over four metres deep that is slowly increasing in size.

The problem has been assessed by a Council Engineer who determined that the cavity presented an unacceptable risk to the safety of road users. The road will remain closed until the culvert can be replaced and the road repaired.

South Gippsland Shire Council’s Manager Operations, Fred Huitema said that the closure was unfortunate but necessary to ensure safety.

“Closing a road – even temporarily – is a last resort for Council. We examined a number of alternatives including lane closures, limiting access and increased traffic control, but ultimately the safety risk was too high for the road to remain open.

“We were particularly concerned as heavy rainfall is expected over the coming days which is likely to impact the damaged culvert and could potentially increase the size of the cavity. We understand that this will be frustrating for local road users and will try to complete the repair works as soon as possible,” said Mr. Huitema.

Residents of Nicholls Road, emergency services and transport companies have been notified of the road closure. Anyone with concerns is asked to contact Council on 5662 9200.