Cr Brett Tessari, so you and some other regional mayors have spoken out against the DO NOT VISIT Victoria campaign (Sentinel-Times, July 21) because it questioned the appropriateness of making light of a situation which has cost many people in regional communities their livelihoods and some people their lives but the real threat is visitors (from hotspots) not doing the right thing under lockdown. Stay at home means stay at home not go visiting tourists areas like the young woman from Melbourne who went to the Orbost/Marlo area last weekend (17th-19th July) who had the COVID virus and visited the local supermarket and other shops in the area, so all these businesses had to close for cleaning and sanitise their stores before reopening.
The owners and workers and the local residents then had to be tested for COVID-19 and all this would have cost the local community dearly, all because a… person… did the wrong thing, which cost her a small fine, Imagine if that had happened here in the Bass Coast.
Daryl Cuddy, Wonthaggi.