MOST of us don’t know, whether it’s through an Apple Pay account or other direct debit, exactly what’s coming out of our bank accounts these days.

It’s slack but it happens, all too often.

And as a good example of that, a well-known Bass Coast sportsman has had $50,000 drained out of his bank account, over a period of six months, through an online scam connecting his family’s PlayStation to Apple Pay to PayPal and ultimately his Bendigo Bank account.

“PlayStation and the bank have been really good about it, in fact they were the ones who alerted me to the irregular transactions.

“I’m hopeful of getting some of it, if not all of it back but I don’t know at this stage. They are working on it.

“I just didn’t know it was going on until it was too late.”

Someone has been able to access the man’s banking details, allegedly through the PlayStation and the internet, to make dozens of international purchases, ranging in value from a few dollars to $3500 for a HD TV in Singapore.

“With all members of the family at home for extended periods at the moment, they’re online a lot for one thing or another.

“I’d just urge people to, number one, be very careful what information they are providing to online services and also looking at their bank statements as often as possible.”