There was still work to be done.

IT WAS an idyllic day across South Gippsland and Bass Coast, albeit with fewer people wandering the streets of our coastal towns, and stopping for the obligatory Sunday coffee.

Onlookers enjoyed the sunshine while the junior footballers ran around on the park.

Bike riders enjoyed superb conditions on rail trails or favourite backroads.

Even pulling weeds in the sunshine had its appeal.

But in our hearts, we know things are not right with our world.

And at 2pm today, Sunday, August 2, we are expected to hear from the Premier Daniel Andrews about the latest round of restrictions designed to slow the runaway train that is the state’s fearful problem with coronavirus.

Have all of us got the message yet? It seems not.

It was noticeable last night and over the weekend that more people from the Melbourne metropolitan area were sneaking into South Gippsland and Bass Coast, using that old chestnut of an excuse “essential maintenance” on their holiday home to get in illegally.

If there’s one thing we hope Daniel Andrews achieves today, it’s to close those loopholes, like the “essential maintenance” one, that you could drive a B Double truck through.

Security at roadblocks and sneaky side roads needs to be beefed up.

And if you have “escaped” into regional Victoria… go home. Our health system will simply not be able to cope if this gets away from us, not because we don’t have the capacity but because we won’t have the manpower in hospitals and aged care if health workers become infected or are close contacts.

Please, go home!

There also needs to be rules, supportive rules, around who our aged care, health and meat processing workers are living with or both those systems will close down.

It comes down to three things:

  • We’ve got to take responsibility for what happens now ourselves in the practices we adopt around hand washing, social distancing, isolation before and after testing, working from home, and disinfecting surfaces.
  • We need more tracing information on where positive cases have been, not to vilify them, but so we can take the appropriate action ourselves (this is being done in NSW)
  • Close all the loopholes because the idiots have already proved they take no notice

Stay tuned for the 2pm announcement today, Sunday, August 2, by Daniel Andrews

Check out the COVID LIVE website if you want to stay up to date with coronavirus by postcode in your area:

A magnificent White-bellied Sea-Eagle honouring the donation of conservation land by the late John Clarke’s family at Rhyll Inlet today.