…unless you’re a construction worker!
Even after a day of wearing a mask, you start to get quite used to it.
In fact, you begin to forget you’ve got it on at all.
But then again, I’m not working in construction.
From early Monday morning, road construction crews working on the expensive, new roundabouts on Phillip Island were out and about digging holes, levelling ground and doing all the other things they do – in a mask!
Builders too are having a bit of a struggle.
“Mate, it’s dangerous,” said one local chippie at Leongatha.
But not discounting that there’ll have to be a few adjustments made to work practices, we need to be doing everything we can to bring down the number of cases in Victoria and stop the spread into regional areas.
If nothing else, do it to protect aged care.
Unfortunately, tragically, the extent to which we’ve let this thing get away in Victoria has now assumed the global proportions we are seeing in the UK and some states in America.
And in the past week, we’ve seen numbers in regional areas hike up from 195 active cases last Wednesday, to 255 on that big day last Thursday and 328 on Sunday.
Locally, there are five active cases in South Gippsland, four in Bass Coast and eight in Latrobe. It’s here, and thanks in part to the criminal efforts of some Melbourne people “escaping” into protected municipalities to do “essential maintenance”, it’s growing.
As harsh as the impact is on local business and school communities, especially in areas more remote from Melbourne like Foster, Fish Creek, Mirboo North and Yarram where there are no active cases, it’s got to be done.
The Stage Four restrictions in Melbourne will help stop the spread and hopefully, Stage Three restrictions here will flatten the number of active cases.
Thankfully you can still play golf, go fishing or go for a surf!