YOU have to wonder why people are really out breaking the rules in Melbourne… and locally for that matter.

Thankfully there’s little if any of that going on locally. People have universally embraced the face mask and face-covering rules according to local police.

But the excuses we are seeing reported for breaches of the Stage Four restrictions in the city certainly don’t ring true.

We have heard that illicit drugs, especially ice, is a lot harder to come by in all areas of the state due to a scarcity of the necessary ingredients. That is suggested as one of the reasons for breaking curfew and the 5km rules.

High prices are being paid, we’re told, and drug addicts are allegedly going to great lengths – quite literally – to access their drugs.

Here are a few of the reasons police reported today

* A male was observed driving in a car park during curfew in Knoxfield. He stated he had driven from Mount Waverley to take his uncle to purchase cigarettes and refill a gas bottle.

* A female was observed walking in Hobsons Bay during curfew. She stated she had just visited a friend’s house and didn’t think it was that serious.

* A vehicle with three males and one female was intercepted in Point Cook. The four occupants were all issued with fines as they resided from different addresses and did not have a valid reason to be out.

* A male was spoken to at Glen Huntly Railway Station as he was observed to not be wearing a face covering. After initially refusing to provide his details, he provided his name and address and he was found to be more than 15 kilometres from his address without a valid reason. He was issued with a fine for breaching the Stay at Home directions.

* A male and female were observed not wearing face coverings while they were at Lysterfield Lake Park with children. After speaking with police, they stated they had travelled from Keysborough to go for a walk. When speaking to police, it was clear they were deliberately breaching the directions because they didn’t think the virus was that serious. They were both issued with a fine for breaching the Stay at Home directions.

Victoria Police provisional statistics for the last 24 hours. Issued a total of 168 fines to individuals for breaching the Chief Health Officer directions, including:

* 24 for failing to wear a face covering when leaving home for one of the four approved reasons

* 48 for curfew breaches

* 14,343 vehicles checked at the vehicle checkpoints and 12 fines issued.

* Conducted 4493 spot checks on people at homes, businesses and public places across the state (total of 303,061 spot checks conducted since 21 March).

Locally, Sergeant Col Shepherd of the Wonthaggi Police said the community here had embraced the requirement to wear masks or face-coverings early and he had seen no fines issued and very few cautions. Keep up the good work!

He did say, however, that COVID-19 related charges had been included locally when other offences were detected in the Bass Coast-South Gippsland police district.