I have been encouraged by the report in your paper speaking of the concerns of two residents one of Surf Pde and one of Lohr Ave, regarding the threat of more degradation of our precious foreshore bush (Sentinel-Times, Tuesday, August 4) in opposition to the proposed pathway extension.
These long-time residents like myself (since 1971), have voiced a concern raised by me over a number of letters to your good paper over the last few years as to why we need this new stretch of concrete and ugly poles in order to satisfy a small minority who wish to ride bikes and walk along a set path rather than enjoy the natural flora and fauna.
I urge residents to walk along this stretch of several kilometres of undulating land growing lovely natural bush and old tree growth and reason why we should destroy this natural habitat whilst soaking up the delights of wildlife and greenery they experience on this walk.
It occurred to me recently that as I had received no support from the residents of Surf Pde to my meanderings in the press in the past, [it] may have been because they hoped one day to receive the visual and monetary benefits that would flow from the disappearance of the natural greenery.
Well I wish them well if they stand by and allow this wanton destruction of our bush in favour of the select few as the ocean eats up the remaining dunes.
I urge our councillors before the next elections to wander down Surf Parade and check out my observations in this matter.
Sadly, I have sold my home owing to medical matters that require me to bid farewell to my treasured Inverloch as a resident in order to be closer to medical needs that cannot be supplied more locally.
This will be my final letter to the paper that we are so glad to have back in print as a voice in the community.
I bid farewell in public to my friends and neighbours wishing them all the best, in the hope that common sense will prevail in saving our foreshore from this senseless wanton destruction.
A.Forrester, Inverloch.