I was taken by surprise when reading John McCombe’s letter (‘Look after ratepayers’, August 25).
Referring to the South Gippsland Shire administration, John says: “For an organisation that clearly has no other reason to exist other than to look after the best interests of ratepayers…”
Really John? Only ratepayers?
The role of council is to provide good governance for the benefit and wellbeing of the municipal community which includes all those living in the shire, ratepayers, Traditional Owners of land and people who conduct activities in the shire.
Those living in the shire include many who aren’t ratepayers such as those living in rental accommodation and those in aged care facilities.
People who conduct activities in the shire would include people operating businesses in the shire who are not necessarily ratepayers and may not live in the shire and share farmers, to think of a couple of examples.
The Community Strengthening Team is a prime example of our shire council assisting the whole community.
Clive Hope, Meeniyan.