After 44 years of driving through floodwaters on the Bass Highway between Wonthaggi and Inverloch, I decided to contact Regional Roads Victoria (RRV) and ask for drainage work to be done.
After no work in years and just ‘Water on road’ signs, I thought something should be done.
I asked for the drains and culverts to be cleaned out. I submitted a formal request and received a reference number and later a date for the work – July/August.
I also sought the support of Jordan Crugnale MP, our local member, and my three local councillors: Cr Les Larke, Cr Brett Tessari and Cr Julian Brown.
Wow! Action – improved culverts to the farm entrance and extensive drain cleaning.
I am advised that in summer, when the paddocks have dried out further, works are planned to clean out drains to help get the water away. All work done must be an improvement.
Well done to Regional Roads Victoria, the contractor and all involved. A great job.
Hopefully, no more flooding.
Mike Wellings, Inverloch.