Bass Coast will set the standard so that everyone can get to the best seats, the water’s edge and the amenities they deserve.
I have been chairperson of council’s Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee (AIAC) for four years. The committee has overseen some great outcomes such as the ‘Changing Places’ facility in the Cowes Transit Centre and the installation of a lift and increased access in the Union Theatre in Wonthaggi.
The AIAC has input into all of council’s plans, strategies and infrastructure designs. The committee puts people with a disability, representatives from service providers, support groups and council officers in the same room. This lets us deal with issues and get things done with a minimum of fuss.
I want to further empower people with a disability by including a Disability Action Group into the Disability Action Plan. This would be a group of people who could liaise with council officers in an informal setting and visit places that need improvement so that the community has more say over what happens.
Ratepayer groups across the shire are identifying public places with poor access. They are suggesting local solutions. Council’s ward-based community planning officers can bring this conversation to the council to work on local access while the AIAC looks at the overall picture for advocacy and strategy within BCSC.
Geoff Ellis, candidate for Western Port Ward, Bass Coast.