FOR an organisation so focused on looking back in time, the Korumburra Historical Society is also quite good at using modern technology.

The society has launched a blog with the first post, written by Judy Ife, discussing the duplex houses at 3 and 5 King Street, Korumburra.

Judy’s blog describes the mirror image red brick houses as “intriguing and unique” and “a fascinating part of the streetscape and story of Korumburra”.

Known as the Alp Duplex Federation Houses, the two 1920s’ era properties “display the more restrained period characteristics” of the time which included World War I and the Spanish flu pandemic.

“Elijah Alp, and the fortuitous circumstances in his life that led to the construction of The Alp Duplex,” has been listed as a future blog post.

The historical society noted in its recent newsletter there was considerable interest in ensuring the buildings were retained.

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