PETER Boddy, a fourth-generation beef cattle farmer at Woodside, knows the health of his soil means improved pastures and healthier cattle. With Revive Recycled Compost available exclusively from Gibsons Groundspread, he makes that happen every day.
The Boddy and Gibson families have been working closely together for generations. Why? “Because you don’t change what works.”
Peter is a strong advocate of Revive Recycled Compost and undertakes regular applications to ensure the ongoing health and productivity of his soils.
Revive Recycled Compost acts as a cost-effective and sustainable long-term solution for growing pastures, crops or vegetables. It can be utilised both on a stand-alone basis or in conjunction with your existing fertiliser practices.
Revive Recycled Compost is Gippsland’s own unique compost product which uses repurposed organic waste that would otherwise go to landfill to boost soil productivity to your farm through its nutrient-rich quality.
Using various sources of high-nutrient organic waste through a strictly-controlled treatment process at Gippsland Waters’ Soil Organic Recycling Facility, Revive Recycled Compost improves levels of organic matter, uplifts soil biology and increases water holding capacity.
With all these elements combined, Revive Recycled Compost optimises farm productivity.

Key features and benefits
• Certified Australian Standard Compost (AS4454)
• Increases PH of the soil.
• Decreases high levels of magnesium.
• Increases calcium levels of soil.
• Decreases high levels of Sodium.
• Decreases high levels of aluminium.
• Reduces aluminium and manganese toxicities.
• Rebalance soil for best productivity outcome.
• Improves nutrient availability.
• Increases yield and pasture growth.
• Decreases soil compaction which improves soil structures, plant root depth and plant health.
• Reduces soil acidity.
Serving Gippsland for over 65 years, Gibsons Groundspread are dedicated to serve the individual needs of farmers and growers. Combining the latest technology, equipment and extensive experience they have developed a wide range of innovative solutions and services to provide farmers with the tools and resources to achieve improved productivity.
Revive Recycled Compost is available exclusively from Gibsons Groundspread. Visit to find out more.