Occupation: Business owner –  Outdoor Adventure Activities.
Lives in: Sunset Strip.

Why are you running  for council?
To serve the community with the following three principles: Efficiency, community cohesion and keeping the place we choose to live special.

What are your top five issues?
1. Promote business in balance with our pristine coastline.
2. Transparency and accountability; the benefits of ratepayers’ dollars need to be measurable.
3. Prevent erosion along the Cowes coastline.
4. A swimming pool for Phillip Island.
5. Efficient use of resources and time: if a job needs doing, get it done.

What is the best and worst  thing about Bass Coast?
Best: Hard to limit it to a single response, but bringing up a family in a tight-knit community surrounded by nature’s beauty.
Worst: The difficulties of managing seasonal employment from both the employees’ and employers’ perspective.

What do you do for fun?
That’s a big list! Surfing, diving, fishing, camping, four-wheel driving (pretty much anything outdoors), plus art, reading and writing.