Occupation: Healthcare industry.
Lives in: Cowes.

Why are you running  for council?
Living more permanently on Phillip Island, I see this as an opportunity to give back to the community. I believe there are shortcomings in the recognition of the value that the Island brings to the shire and I would seek to address these shortcomings.

What are your top five issues?
1. Including rubbish removal, etc, into the rates to prevent the unreasonable creeping of fees and charges by council.
2. Coastal erosion strategies for the preservation of the natural flora and fauna.
3. Taking a broader view of the issue of “green energy” – how can council influence the shire to accelerate away from fossil fuels, not just the local government facilities, but also for residents and ratepayers?
4. Improving wellbeing and safety of residents and visitors with the development of the aquatic and activity centre, and having connected bike paths and walking trails around the Island.
5. Supporting of local businesses with targeted support packages e.g. “live local, buy local”; “off-season” tourism/activities.

What is the best and worst  thing about Bass Coast?
The best thing is the quiet lifestyle with plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities. This includes not just Phillip Island and surrounding waterways, but the other attractions like Loch with the food and wine festival through to the dinosaur trail from Wonthaggi. One of the concerning things about Phillip Island is the continued housing development removing much of the regional feel.

What do you do for fun?
There are many things to enjoy on Phillip Island and within the shire. Of note is the variety of restaurants on the Island and the visiting the local wineries. I am also keen on occasional boating and fishing as weather permits, exercising with the dogs along the beach to a coffee destination, either at the boat ramp or in Cowes, and enjoying specific motor racing events at the GP track.