Occupation:  Commercial artist.
Lives in: San Remo.

Why are you running  for council?
Rather than complaining about the council, I want to be a voice in the room and part of the solution. My volunteer work with Totally Renewable Phillip Island (TRPI) and its carbon neutral target of 2030 is a huge part of why I am standing as an independent for our council election. Being an advocate for the arts and making a difference by contributing at a local government level feels like a natural next step.

What are your top five issues?
1. VicRoads’ plans for the entrance of the Island.
2. Bringing our local economy back from the edge.
3. Balancing Phillip Island the destination with Phillip Island the home.
4. Making better use of our waste management and recycle options as a usable resource.
5. Improving pathways between our townships to encourage active transport.

What is the best and worst  thing about Bass Coast?
Best: Its people, they are passionate about their issues and generous with their volunteering.
Worst: Lack of support for our youth, they have to move away to access higher education, vocation and cultural activities.

What do you do for fun?
My time is divided between working in my ceramics studio, working with design and illustration, volunteering with TRPI and bringing up my two younger kids. All of these activities keep me active in the community in a real way. That’s what I do for fun.