Occupation: Stay at home parent, community volunteer, and small business owner.
Lives in: Cape Paterson.

Why are you running for council?
This is the next step in my community involvement so I can achieve the best facilities and long-term solutions for our growing shire.
Women represent about half the population yet only two out of the nine councillors in the Bass Coast are women, so this is a chance to offer a different perspective that needs a stronger voice.

What are your top five issues?
Community infrastructure upgrades; boost local jobs and training; better value for ratepayers; develop a social housing strategy; and protected natural spaces. I want to address issues around facilities and infrastructure, protecting what we love about the Bass Coast and the economic consequences of the pandemic.

What is the best and worst thing about Bass Coast?
Best: Natural spaces, beaches and community spirit.
Worst: Lack of facilities, and sufficient footpath and road infrastructure.

What do you do for fun?
Being a busy mum of three, I love to get a chance to hang out with my friends or have a date night with my husband. However, during COVID-19, I have re-discovered sitting in the backyard in front of a campfire with the kids and a wine or cider in my hand