Occupation:  Retired chartered accountant.
Lives in: Cape Paterson.

Why are you running  for council?
Because I want to contribute to the community and believe I have the right mix of skills, experience and attitude to do so, as well as time (I would view being a councillor as a full-time job).

What are your top five issues?
In no particular order:
Regional living – Bass Coast has the very best of regional living and we must preserve and enhance it for ourselves and future generations. For example, we cannot allow population pressures to result in inappropriate suburbanisation, such as the proposed Cape Paterson northern development.
Balance – Council must give equal weight to impacts on the community, the economy and nature when making significant decisions. As we build community connections and strengthen our economic prospects, we must also respect the environment in this beautiful part of the world.
COVID-19 recovery – Supporting those most affected by COVID-19, in particular small businesses, youth, and vulnerable and disadvantaged people. Council has made a start, but more will be needed as the effects of this pandemic continue to unfold.
Listen and lead – Council must respect the wisdom and diversity of its community by really listening to and involving all residents and ratepayers in significant decisions, for example, how to best make the McBride campus a thriving, multipurpose community hub. A major initiative I am committed to is establishing a Youth Congress to ensure council actions align with our youth’s needs and aspirations.
Climate – Council has co-developed, with the community, an excellent 2020-2030 climate action plan. It must now make every effort to reduce emissions and adapt to unavoidable climate impacts, such as the coastal erosion we are already seeing.

What is the best and worst  thing about Bass Coast?
Best: “It’s the vibe” – the combination of natural beauty; caring, connected communities; proximity to both Melbourne and Gippsland; and a confidence in the shire’s future economic prosperity.
Worst: Our vulnerability to the impacts of population increases and climate change, particularly their effects on the future that younger members of our community will inherit.

What do you do for fun?
I get the most enjoyment from the simple pleasures of walking on the beach, working in my garden, and swimming most mornings at Cape Paterson Bay Beach.