Occupation:  Local government  councillor.
Lives in: Cowes.

Why are you running  for council?
Being positive and taking on an issue or project to achieve on behalf of your community is very rewarding. The skills I have through my training in economics and environmental science along with senior government experience allows me to make an impact, to achieve great projects such as the Cowes Cultural Centre and the climate emergency declaration.

What are your top five issues?
1. Climate change and coastal erosion is the most pressing issue confronting Bass Coast. The northern beaches at Cowes continue to take a battering in bad weather and urgent action to deliver the rock revetment to fill in the ‘missing link’ at Cowes East is required. Climate change adaptation is becoming more crucial each year, coastal erosion is a significant impact area but extreme heat and flooding will also be vital areas for mitigation addressing liveable houses and developments in areas subject to flash flooding and bushfire.
2. Aquatic and recreation precinct at the carnival site in Cowes. Expediting the aquatics centre detailed design and the overall recreation master plan must be expedited ahead of the federal and state elections to support council’s advocacy for funding for these projects. The regional skate park should be located here as well.
3. Arts and culture projects including the Cowes Cultural Centre and the redevelopment of the Wonthaggi High School site are game-changers for the arts. They will support the full range of visual to performing local artists. They will also add richness to the local arts scene by exposing us to the best in the world. The ability to do ephemeral exhibitions will be enhanced by centrally located exhibition space.
4. Environment: There is a need to closely scrutinise the work of the department on the Distinctive Areas and Landscapes plan to ensure it freezes town boundaries on Phillip Island and properly controls development as well as identifies sensitive areas for protection. The Significant Tree Register is another important project that requires implementation.
5. Active transport is crucial to help solve the traffic congestion as well as improve health and fitness, it needs more attention in the budget to provide safe cycling and walking infrastructure. A starting point should be:
a. Off-road shared pathway from Cowes to Summerlands, and
b. Change the cycle lanes on Thompson Avenue to a safe cycle path.
This, along with the existing pathway along the Phillip Island Road, will start to provide a backbone for future linking of pathways and a network of cycling and walking paths.

What is the best and worst  thing about Bass Coast?
Best: Its beautiful environment and beaches.
Worst: The traffic.

What do you do for fun?
I am a musician and play in the Bass Coast Pickers. I am also a gardener being largely self-sufficient and a golfer.