Occupation: Retired.
Lives in: Cowes.

Why are you running  for council?
I’ve stood for nomination as I believe we have important issues that need to be addressed in our Island Ward. Our beaches are sadly being eroded away, which we urgently need to address.
COVID-19 has changed so much, locals can be encouraged to support our Island’s businesses by ‘live local, buy local’; they are our livelihood. I will be working hard to lobby for our health system to ensure we receive a fully functional hospital to service all the needs of young families and retirees.
When I first came to the island in 2004, our holiday home was a refuge from our busy business world of Investment Real Estate, based in Melbourne. I was the director, alongside my husband, and I ran all facets of our business.
The Island was where we loved to be, my husband John surfed and I loved the ambience of Island life.
In 2009, we moved to where we are presently, in Beach Street, building our new home and planning for our retirement, we achieved this in 2017.

What are your top five issues?
We residents love our dogs, they should be able to run on off-leash beaches, but only where good protocol and respect is observed, where clean-up bags are provided with more bins available to keep our Island tidier.
Our garbage cycle is an important issue which needs to be resolved, I will work tirelessly to ensure all these issues are addressed and obtained. Our Island needs to be treated with the respect it deserves.
In 2018, I was instrumental in the Save our Beaches campaign. Many were against having a car ferry on our beautiful Cowes West beach.

What is the best and worst  thing about Bass Coast?
The best thing about our Island is the coastline, the ambience, our tourism and attractions, the people and the many businesses that make our Island special.
The worst thing is that most of our Island income and rates seem to end up on the mainland of Bass [Coast], when we generate enormous tourism dollars, our rates are higher than inner city Melbourne yet we receive none of the benefits. Also, council still has not learnt to listen to the residents, us ratepayers, when decisions are made.

What do you do for fun?
My Island fun is walking our Golden Retriever Zoe on the beach, many tracks and through town, biking, though I would love more bike paths connected throughout our coastal area, yoga, boxing, reading and simply enjoying all our Island has to offer which is too much to name.