Alarm bells should be resounding in each residence throughout BCSC (Bass Coast Shire Council).
Why? Mr Griffin has criticised the council’s “new governance rules for stopping the automatic recording of councillor votes in minutes” – and RIGHTLY SO! (War of words erupts – Phillip Island San Remo Advertiser, September 9, 2020).
Given that the new “set” of incoming councillors (the Island Ward in particular) could be a case of the “three Amigos” the publication of said votes at council meetings holds the individual councillor accountable and is the only way that we can be assured that they are voting in the best interests of those they purport to represent.
Without this accountability there is a great potential risk of deep-seated cronyism and backroom deals amongst the three Island Ward seats. It is quite alarming and downright dangerous to have no councillor accountability in place whatsoever in the public arena.
Publication of councillor voting numbers is the only true litmus test available to us – in the words of the esteemed Don Chipp (1977) it is the only way to “keep the bastards honest”.
Charlie Ruby, Surf Beach.