On behalf of the BCRRA (Bass Coast Ratepayers and Residents Association) committee, I wish to extend the association’s grateful thanks to the many community members who responded to the association’s call to defend democracy against impositions by Bass Coast Shire Council.
Because of the community actions in letting councillors know of the concerns about the proposed rule changes, Bass Coast Shire Council has been compelled to relent on some of the draconian rule changes it was attempting to introduce.
BCRRA presented a substantial submission to council in which it pointed out serious concerns about the proposed rule changes. Without the help and support of the Bass Coast community, the result delivered by council may have been much worse.
Whilst some councillors voiced their displeasure at the level of community pushback, they were nonetheless obliged to concede to the will of the community.
This result shows that if the Bass Coast community is willing to stand up to the bureaucracy, then change for the benefit [of] our community can result.
But unfortunately for our democracy, council did not accede to all requested changes.
This council, during its term, has introduced other measures that restrict the ability of councillors, as the community’s elected representatives, to freely express their reasonable personal opinions about council decisions and policies.
There is still much work for BCRRA to pursue into the future in order to ensure that Bass Coast Shire Council understands that its role is to serve the community.
BCRRA recognises that its efforts will likely fall to the next group of councillors to implement community concerns, and only time will tell if the successful candidates have the ability and the will to stand up to the bureaucracy at all times and in support of the ratepayers and residents of Bass Coast Shire.
If elected, will they stand at the head of the community, or will they stand behind the bureaucrats?
You can view the association’s submission at this link… basscrra.org/BCRRA_submission_to_Bass_Coast_Shire_Council_draft_governance_rules_2020-21.pdf.
Kevin Griffin, BCRRA president.