By Shelby Brooks

Robin Lowe, originally a drummer, has challenged himself by releasing a song he wrote and sang called ‘Did You Live a Good Life? (DYLAGL)’. Photo: snapshotphotography.

A PARAMEDIC from Kilcunda has released his debut single inspired by life on the job.

Robin Lowe had been a drummer in bands “forever”, but it had taken him 16 years to make the journey to the front of the stage as a singer and songwriter.

“I was always happy sitting in the shadows, not in the limelight,” Robin said.

“But I thought, why not have a crack at singing and songwriting?”

Robin wrote the song, ‘Did You Live a Good Life? (DYLAGL)’ two years ago but only released the song and music video this year.

The video clip, which is on YouTube, features beautiful aerial footage of Bass Coast as well as some clips of Robin on the job as a paramedic.

It has 1300 views on YouTube and is on Spotify and YouTube Music.

He is recording a second song, set to be released in the coming weeks, and has five more songs he hopes to record by the end of the year.