IT’S hard not to focus on the uncertainty and disappointment of Sunday’s COVID announcements, and how they are likely to impact business and tourism, even if we can move to the Third Step changes as soon as possible after September 13.
Taking pubs and cafés as a guideline, they’ll only be able to reintroduce, mainly outdoor dining at that point, and from November 23, it will be subdued service, while accommodation bookings, in most cases, will have to wait until then as well.
What that means is many people will still be out of work until then.
Hopefully, at least, we’ll be set up for a good pre-Christmas and summer-trading season.
But, if you’re looking for a positive in these tough times, you need look no further than the Strzelecki Lions Club and the organisers of the South Gippsland Dairy Expo.
Instead of throwing up their hands and saying “too hard”, they’ve buckled down and come up with an online, virtual expo which will provide both dairy service businesses and farmers an opportunity to do business COVID-style.
In fact, it’s an idea that could easily support future dairy expos, or be used to run other commercial events.
The dairy expo site went live at midnight on Sunday and will be open for business for the next two weeks.
All the usual dairy expo specials will be on offer, and plenty of product and service information besides, all in a convenient location that isn’t dependent on the weather for success… check it out!