You pay $496 this year, next year $522. Why?
Ratepayers receiving their [Bass Coast Shire] rates notice would have discovered the garbage charge has risen considerably to $496pa (up 10.6 per cent).
Reading a draft budget submission, a ratepayer expressed outrage at the new cost and quantified his costs for kerbside pickup waste charge.
The submission suggested the charge should have been $376 and not $496pa.
Council’s Budget 2020-21 paper, page 53, informs: “Council is expected to receive a total garbage income of $13,335,739 (up 11.6 per cent).”
Recently, ratepayers and some councillors expressed concern when three signed contracts incurred variation increases.
The three variations to contract details were tabled at a recent council meeting for discussion.
Variation increases to contract C16005 $1,716,817 pa, C16040 $114,155 pa and C19015 $171,943.
Two are variation increases to the signed, approved 10-year waste contract tender listed in council’s financials.
The total variation increase is $2,002,915 which increased the waste charge on your rates notice of $496pa.
Reading the Budget 2020-21, council explains on page 33, Garbage Charge increase per cent by year.
• 2019/20 – 11.11 per cent.
• 2020/21 – 10.85 per cent.
• 2021/22 – 5.21 per cent.
• 2022/23 – 5.37 per cent.
• 2023/24 – 5.37 per cent.
Ratepayers paying $496 this year, next year council will increase your garbage charge by 5.21 per cent (probably higher) which will increase the charge to around $521.84 and increase the total waste income to around $14,030,531.
Will the council’s Audit and Risk Committee now put the garbage waste contracts onto their meeting agenda for investigation?
Which candidate/s will stand on an election platform with a purpose to cancel the current 10-year waste contracts and put them both back out to tender?
Which candidate/s will seek to determine the absolute true kerbside garbage charge and its other associated cost break up?
One Island Ward councillor running was reported saying we have the money, meaning council has the money.
This is clearly reflected when paying the $496 garbage charge. Where are the quarterly reportings of financial expenses and tonnage collected for waste? Where are the reporting key performance indicators? Go ask the councillors. Just $522.
Graham Jolly, Cape Woolamai, (and a voter).