Gas is dangerous, dragging us backward and downward and dirty and brown. We desperately need to be led onwards and upwards and clean and green.
Gas was cheap when subsidised as disposal of dangerous waste but not anymore.
The closer you look at gas business, the crazier it gets. Humans have been blowing gas, of all kinds, for many centuries. Originally, gas was waste product from making charcoal, for smelting, iron, bronze and kiln firing clay, well underway before 500BC.
More charcoal was needed in the mid-900s AD for black/gun powder for weapons and fireworks.
Discharging volatile gases, from manufacturing charcoal, then coal to coke, then oil-gas in early 1800s, all became too much waste and danger to ignore.
Eventual popularity was lighting, 75 per cent cheaper than oil or candles. In theatres, then streets, it had taken 200 years before gas was widely adopted. Then, almost overnight, electric light bulbs put the fire out for gas.
Electricity is essential, efficient, cheap and easy to deliver, for 99.9 per cent of needs. Now wind and solar, with battery and pumped hydro storage, are cheaper to install than continuing to run coal and gas power plants, isn’t it a no-brainer to get on with it?
Gas is transition to dead end. Increasing extreme weather accelerates long anticipated BCA (Border Carbon Adjustment) which jeopardises every kind of export, because of tariff penalty, applied by destination countries, because we don’t have a climate crisis policy.
Need gas deception Royal Commission.
Bernie McComb, Cowes.