The world now knows that 3 billion native Australian animals have been killed (1.5+) or displaced by the fires of 2019/2020. Our extinction rate is said to be the worst in the world and more species face imminent extinction.
I am incredulous that the Cowes Primary School (and the government who are currently seeking submissions on extinction problems and solutions) are even considering building/funding a gym and tennis courts in a Land for Wildlife area and last two hectares of remnant vegetation in Cowes at that!
Of course, it will cause wildlife deaths and displacement, and the destruction of fast-disappearing Indigenous [fauna] will be destroyed and animals will flee in fear and in search of homes only to be killed by cars, dogs and territorial issues with other long-suffering wildlife.
There are plenty of already clear-felled paddocks nearby for gym and courts.
What sort of lesson is this for the children?
How ludicrous to teach them about ecology, sustainability, wildlife, natural science, climate change etc and then teach, by example, total hypocrisy.
Furthermore, that it is happening on an island promoted and world-renowned for its iconic wildlife and nature is beyond comprehension.
What a slap in the face to animal lovers, wildlife and habitat organisations, supporters, volunteers and wildlife carers and all those Australians who gave to help wildlife during the fires.
Wonderful, wise and caring people, local icons such as the late John Clarke and his family give so much on the one hand, and the people who are meant to be teaching and govern our children on how to live, prosper and prioritise for the greater good take so much away on the other.
An absolute travesty.
That is why even people from overseas are signing the petition on
Put the development on already cleared land!
LP Kannava and family, Bass VIC.