THERE’S no shortage of interest in the news whether it’s the latest celebrity dirt, minor disaster and other distraction.
But people consume their news differently these days, spending no more than a few seconds scrolling down their news feed for items that catch the eye.
It’s not all bad for traditional media.
A recent survey found a 57 percent increase in traffic to news sites referred from social media but there’s been a decrease in how much of an article people read.
There’s simply not enough time.
And some important things, like who’s running for election in Bass Coast, barely rate a mention as the Sentinel-Times found when we posted on Facebook last weekend asking readers what they wanted to say to the field of candidates.
We got two responses.
By comparison, hundreds of people posted their best farm photos – thank you!
Granted, Facebook probably isn’t the most fertile ground for constructive political debate, but if you don’t think we’ve been presented with enough choice to form a well-balanced, highly-skilled council… there’s only one day left to make a difference.
Candidate nominations for the next four years of council closed today, Tuesday, September 22, at noon.
And there are many extremely important issues ahead, like how the council facilitates the rebuilding of the tourist economy, housing construction and the other great generators of employment and prosperity as COVID-19 restrictions are eased and we try to get the economy moving again.
You get the political representation you deserve, they say, and hopefully by the time nominations closed at lunchtime today, we’ll have a good choice of people from whom to choose.