RESILIENCE is a daily practice for Jacob Fry who has taken to social media posting dance videos aiming to share a laugh and smile in recent weeks.
Watching the videos, Jacob has an impressive dancing style, combining a burlesque showman flair, while singing voice overs to pop songs, it’s hard to spot his lingering injury.
A natural performer Jacob’s past is less of big screen performing, with more time spent behind operation screens following being hit by a truck in 2009.
Jacob films the clips with his partner Sharnee and said daily trips to the beach naturally turned into performances.
“I’ve been recovering at mum and dad’s house on the Island after my leg surgery,” Jacob said.
“Each day we go down to the beach for an hour, Sharnee would go for a walk and I’d either fly a kite or my drone as I’m not able to walk well just yet,” he said.
“But I can still dance on the spot and do front rolls,” Jacob said.
View the video by searching Facebook; After that wind storm, the power be like…

Jacob Fry has taken to social media to share his showman dance style and a smile during the coronavirus.