Since Melbourne was placed on Stage Four restrictions, far too many people who either rent in Inverloch or with holiday homes, have decided to totally ignore them and have demonstrated very little consideration or respect for the many permanent residents of Inverloch.
Many people with houses in some of the wealthy suburbs of Melbourne, have been bragging that they have had the address on their driver licences changed to their holiday home addresses, so that they can travel to and from Inverloch whenever they want to.
I have been informed that because this could be done online, the large volume of people with a sense of self-entitlement, caused the web site to crash and it had to be shut down.
I appreciate that people with holiday homes here have a right to use and maintain them. My objection is that they are handing the keys over to friends or extended family members to come and use.
This is against the travel regulations that are currently in place. Many renters are also allowing family and friends to come and stay with them.
Many residents have expressed their anger at the sham of the Lang Lang checkpoint. Far too many cars are being waved through without licence or vehicle checks.
To date, we have been extremely lucky to keep the COVID-19 virus out of our town and the Bass Shire, but irresponsible tourists can and will do a lot of harm if not policed.
Name and address withheld, Inverloch.