The Bass Coast Ratepayers and Residents Association (BCRRA) recently hosted a virtual open public meeting to discuss a list of community questions which the association will put to all candidates standing for election.
Whilst it was a modest gathering of just a dozen members and guests, it was nonetheless well received and appreciated by all participants.
It was good to get input from outside the committee group, and the committee gratefully thanks those members and guests who took the time and made the effort to participate in the meeting.
As a result of the insightful information presented at the meeting, the committee will revisit some of the questions that it had prepared for the candidates.
This meeting clearly demonstrated the benefits achieved when broader input is sought. This benefit applies regardless of whether it be BCRRA, Bass Coast Council, or any other group of people. And Bass Coast Council would surely do well to take heed of this salutary lesson.
Because, whilst Bass Coast Council claims to be responsive, open, and transparent, it’s likely that many people who have tried to get a genuine and straight answer from council will regard the claim to be of little if any value.
Kevin Griffin, president, BCRRA.