No one should doubt that a free press is a cornerstone in protecting the open and vibrant democracy we enjoy in Australia.
And our local independent newspapers play a pivotal role in keeping the local community informed on all aspects of community activity. News, sport, weather, and everything in between.
Personally, I have an unswerving admiration for our journalists who make great efforts to keep the community well informed.
And as we all know, occasionally a journalist might need to add a little editorial flourish in order to make an otherwise dry article a bit more interesting to readers.
With that in mind, I wish to walk back a little of the editorial flourish that appeared in the article “Ratepayers’ president sensationally resigns” (SGST, September 15).
Whilst the article is mostly accurate, it is not accurate in the suggestion of any treachery.
I do not claim, and nor do I regard the matter that led to my resignation to be any form of treachery.
Since BCRRA’s (Bass Coast Ratepayers and Residents Association) inception in 2016, all of the people who have served on the committee have proven themselves to be upstanding community members, all of whom have generously volunteered their time and energy in effort to bring about much-needed improvement from Bass Coast Shire Council.
Similarly, the current remaining committee members are all equally fine and upstanding community members, all with that same goal in mind.
Although no longer on the committee, I will nonetheless remain a member, and a strong supporter of BCRRA.
And I say to any community member who is dissatisfied with the heavily inflated rates notice they’ve just received, or with the lack of transparency, financial discipline, and community engagement at Bass Coast Council, do yourself a favour and become a member of BCRRA.
God knows the association has much work ahead in trying to hold back the ongoing excesses of Bass Coast Shire Council.
Kevin Griffin, Wonthaggi.