In this time of COVID19, we have Jobkeeper and Jobseeker. This helps the employees of a business to put food on the table and pay the most essential of bills.
But the self-employed and small business owners have been left out in the cold.
Though the banks and landlords have been cajoled into offering limited relief in the form of deferred payments, what has not been considered is all the ongoing incidental expenses of running a business.
Unlike Jobkeeper and Jobseeker, where the remedial payments are automatically given by the government, the onus is on business to be proactive to discover relief via various websites.
All levels of government, especially in Victoria, have a moral obligation to treat businesses like employees. As it stands at the moment, after December when most of the moratoriums cease, businesses will collapse because the turnover post-COVID will be insufficient to service the debts of pre-COVID.
We have Jobkeeper and Jobseeker, now we need shop–keeper.
Ron Bauer, Candidate for the Island Ward.