YEAR 11 student Izabella ‘Bella’ McCulloch was inspired to help brighten the days of others when she initiated a community letter-writing project at Newhaven College.

When Bella thinks of who has suffered the most during COVID-19, she thinks of the elderly.

In particular, she recognised her own grandma who lives by herself in Melbourne and was finding the isolation difficult.

Having heard about other community letter-writing projects, Bella sought to implement a similar scheme at Newhaven College.

“It has been a difficult time for people and I wanted to find a way to uplift others,” Bella said.

A number of year 10 and year 11 students wrote letters which have been sent to Banfields Aged Care in Cowes, who were very welcoming of the initiative.

It was wonderful to see students genuinely wanting to do something good for others in the community who may have been doing it tough.