Police have used their high ballistics Bearcat vehicle in an early morning operation across Bass Coast today.

PEACE in the residential streets of Wonthaggi was shattered at 5.30am this morning with a loud bang and a crash as special operations unit police and local police executed search warrants and, it has been reported, made multiple arrests.

Local homeowners came out into the street in their pyjamas to see what the fuss was about and found their street barricaded off by police and a large-scale operation in progress with numerous police vehicles on scene including one of the force’s high ballistic protection ‘Bear Cat’ armoured vehicles parked in the driveway of the suspect home.

It has been reported that a property at Bass was also raided.

Readers of the Sentinel-Times reported seeing the Bear Cat special operations vehicle parked in the Grantville shopping strip later in the morning.

UPDATE: Police media statement

Police conducted an operation in North Wonthaggi and Bass this morning. As a result, a 35 year old male from Wonthaggi is being processed for outstanding offences against the bail act and firearms offences and police will be seeking to have him remanded later today. A 46 year old male from Wonthaggi is also being processed for drug related offences. He was found to have over $2,000 in cash and an ounce of methylamphetamine in his possession.

LATEST: One of the men has been released on bail, the other man, the subject of firearms and bail breach charges is expected to appear at the Latrobe Valley Magistrates’ Court at a later date.