Re Judy’s Lawrence letter to the editor in support for the cultural centre (Advertiser, September 2), I am so sorry that she is distressed.
I am pleased that the nominated candidates Ms Barlow and Mr Bauer have voiced their opinion on the demolition of the Cowes Cultural Centre.
Judy is correct in her comment in regards to the council’s lack of spending on capital works on Philip Island.
Judy’s comment that this imbalance has been rectified by the current council – I would like to challenge this statement.
The cost of the new Cultural Centre is estimated at $20m, the loss of the existing Cultural Centre is estimated at $15m, so the cost of the new Cultural Centre in reality is $35m.
The current Bass Coast councillors and specifically the Island Ward councillors’ Cr Whelan, Cr Rothfield and Cr Fullarton should hang their heads in shame to have considered this project a priority.
I would like Judy to declare her economic credential or does she rely on Economic Impact Assessment produced by SGS so the comments into Ms Barlow’s economic credentials are irrelevant.
The council could have made a better economic impact if they had concentrated on building an aquatic centre on Phillip Island – this would have had a greater economic impact than a new Cultural Centre.
The facts are the aquatic centre would have created 130–160 jobs during the construction period and 30 full-time positions in the new aquatic health precinct when completed.
The other 30 full-time positions quoted would still be housed in our now demolished Cultural Centre.
I am not against having the Cultural Centre redeveloped, giving better library services plus a more appropriate environment for a new library and Cultural Centre, but let’s get our priorities right – we had these to a degree but are lacking an aquatic centre.
I must now take my anti-stress pills to de-stress I am willing to share, Judy.
John Trigt, Surf Beach.