THE Prom is open again, but don’t expect a smooth journey getting there.
That’s the warning from Gippsland South MP Danny O’Brien who raised concerns in state parliament recently, calling on the Minister for Roads to improve the main roads running through South Gippsland to Wilsons Promontory.
“The Prom is the jewel in the crown of Gippsland’s natural features and a massive tourism attraction, bringing several hundred thousand visitors to the region every year,” Mr O’Brien said.
“However, the main access routes to the Prom, being Meeniyan-Promontory Road and Foster-Promontory Road via the South Gippsland Highway, are not of an appropriate standard.
“These roads are single-lane only, with no overtaking lanes and few opportunities to overtake, are variously narrow, bumpy and without sealed shoulders and often in poor condition. They do not represent the value we place on the Prom as a community, nor the image we should be presenting to international and interstate visitors.”
Mr O’Brien described the road as “not much better than a goat track in some places” and called for a dedicated campaign to improve the conditions.
“I heard recently of two trucks clipping side mirrors as they crossed on one section of the road as it is so narrow. With tourists, locals, farm machinery, milk tankers and many more vehicles on these roads, they need to be [a] much higher standard.”
In line with parliamentary procedure, Minister Ben Carroll has 30 days to respond to Mr O’Brien’s question.