PREMIER Daniel Andrews has ruled out splitting up regional Victoria to allow local government areas with few COVID-19 cases to reopen.

If Victoria wasn’t going to reach step two or three for another six to eight weeks, then the government would’ve “almost certainly” split up regional Victoria into zones, he said.

But yesterday (Wednesday, September 9), during a regional media briefing, Mr Andrews said regional Victoria would be able to take the third step “relatively soon”.

That would see a major easing of restrictions, including the reopening of most retail and no limits on leaving the home.

Mr Andrews said it was also the practicality of enforcing the zones which prompted the decision not to split up regional Victoria.

For example, he said, there would be “wildly different rules” across the state with boundaries and checkpoints.

“You do get to some very practical issues of just how confusing is that, how hard it is to comply – how you can actually enforce those rules,” Mr Andrews said.