IT’S a gamble. You roll the dice and one minute you’re climbing the ladder to success and the next minute, the season falls flat and you’re facing a huge feed bill.

That’s dairy farming and in a seminar entitled ‘Dairy Snakes & Ladders …it’s a gamble!’ on the South Gippsland Dairy Expo website, you can hear how some local farmers have fared with their investment in the industry.

Leading the investigation is Matt Harms of OnFarm Consulting who has combined with the committee of the local dairy expo to present a unique, online perspective.

He is joined by three local dairy farmers, Evan Campbell of Yannathan, Paul and Louise Sherar of Loch and Phillip Ould of Loch, also President of the Strzelecki Lions who organise the expo, to discuss investing in farm enterprises.

The seminar went live at 11am on Monday, September 14 but you can still see it now on the site.

“One of my dairy farmer friends said he was going to stream it on to his TV tonight at home, which is a good way to go,” said expo project secretary Deanne Kennedy.

“Some people are looking at the expo site that way as well and seeing what’s on offer.”

“With considerable interest in investing in multiple farms by experienced dairy farmers as well as investors, what are the gains to be made, what can the losses look like, and what are the pitfalls for people to be aware of before they embark on an expansion in a challenging industry?” poses Matt Harms.

“Let’s roll the dice and listen to real life cases of farmers who have taken the plunge to invest in dairying, whether it be with outside equity, surplus stock accumulated from the home farm or a desire to “just have a crack at it”.

And as usual, it’s a case of win-some, lose-some.

Take a look and while you do, make sure you enter the Udder Truth competition for a chance to win $1000 cash and second prize of a stockfeed voucher.