By Shelby Brooks

A GROUP of concerned San Remo residents say Regional Roads Victoria’s plans to upgrade Phillip Island Road are close, but not perfect… yet.

Trevor Brown and Chris Day are members of a San Remo community committee that has met with the VicRoads Regional Review Department many times to give feedback on the plans for the San Remo township.

They said the overall recommendations for San Remo were “excellent” but not all their suggestions and recommendations had been adopted in the latest plan, viewable on the Regional Roads Victoria website.

“There are some things that would improve this plan, however, they could possibly be considered for future development if not able to be included now,” they said.

They’re asking for additional lanes on the Phillip Island Road to begin at the 60km sign on the way into San Remo, rather than starting at San Remo Parade.

“There is and has been an enormous increase in housing and development between Potters Hill Road and Back Beach Road without any thought as to how these new residents and holidaymakers would access the Philip Island Tourist Road,” the two wrote in an email.

“Added to this, the proposal to site a brand-new… [junior] secondary college on Potters Hill Road for all students on Phillip Island, San Remo and the Waterline area would add significantly to the danger of leaving this section of the road in its current form.”

Chris and Trevor said an alternative road into San Remo should be built, by extending Shetland Heights Road to the Anderson roundabout.

They said it would give locals, holidaymakers and emergency services a way to access San Remo without using the Phillip Island Road, thereby easing traffic.

Designs for San Remo include traffic lights at the intersections of Phillip Island Road and Back Beach Road.

You can view the proposed designs and have your say via an interactive map on the Regional Roads Victoria website.

The survey is open until October 5.