Tina Prosser snapped this photo at Jeetho for the #SnapshotRuralVic campaign.

VICTORIA looks different right now, with streets deserted, shopfronts closed and school grounds bare.
Whilst we might be socially isolating, #SnapshotRuralVic hopes to provide a connection between the isolating and isolated, so we can support one another during these troubling times.
#SnapshotRuralVic is a new direction for the National Centre for Farmer Health as they embrace online platforms to connect a diverse range of Victorians through social media and their website.
By encouraging people to be creative and talk about their experiences, #SnapshotRuralVic hopes to encourage individuals to share the highs and lows of rural life. #SnapshotRuralVic encourages all forms of creativity, from TikToks to Haikus, any and all personal expression is encouraged!
Each week, the people will vote for a People’s Choice entry, who will receive a voucher to a rural business of their choice.
“From the local CFA meetings embracing Zoom technology, to people learning the art of mask making and getting their hands dirty in the vegetable garden, I hope #SnapshotRuralVic can help educate, inspire and hopefully provide some insight into rural life during these troubling times,” said project officer Hilary McAllister.
#SnapshotRuralVic launched on Monday, August 3, and will run for 10 weeks. To get involved, check out the campaign on Instagram (@SnapshotRuralVic) and Facebook (@Farmer_Health) to connect with the community and see some inspiration for your own submission. All forms of media are welcomed, from photos to videos, poetry, a tune or even a meme.
At the culmination of the campaign, a coffee-table style book will be published (digitally and hard copy) that tells the story of rural Victoria during these challenging times.
For further information, visit www.farmerhealth.org.au/snapshotruralvic where you will also find all of the links to the multiple social media platforms and if social media is not for you, you are able to enter via this page. You can also reach out to the Snapshot Online project officer, Hilary McAllister, directly at hmcallister@wdhs.net or on 0490 483 548 for more information.
This project was made possible by funding from the Victorian government.