On Thursday I visited my optometrist, reception manned, social distancing and reception screens in place. Same when I attended my audiologist. Both in Wonthaggi.
Foons – screens and social distancing in place. The butcher’s opposite, two people in the shop at a time, and people waiting outside. Same for the lighting shop. Coles, social distancing in place and people wearing masks. Just Wonthaggi business daily managing COVID-19.
Then I visited the Bass Coast Shire offices to hand deliver a document. Reception in darkness. A sign requesting that documents and payments be stuffed into a box that would only fit a postage stamp. What is it about this shire?
They work at home, but it is good enough for Wonthaggi business and the rest of us, to daily face the COVID risk. Yet the Bass Coast outside workers continue to work. Perhaps blue-collar workers are expendable.
The mayor and CEO need to show leadership by opening the reception desk, accept and manage the same risk we all face. Man reception on a roster basis and include your senior managers in the roster. Show you care about the rest of us of Bass Coast. But their answer will be, we are protecting the health of our workers. Nonsense.
As it stands now there will be no effective vaccine for 12 months. We will all have to live and manage COVID-19 for the intermediate future. This means you cannot work from home forever, so you have to put strategies in place now to do both if you can.
I have worked from home during my last few years of work, but it was still necessary go into work at two mornings per week to maintain contact and focus, and I had performance measures in place in terms of agreed outcomes.
Bureaucracies always fail to understand the importance of staff morale and performance management.
I am now 74, and spent 35 years in senior engineering management positions in manufacturing and design. I really shake my head at how both local shires operate.
I doubt if any of these organisations even have key performance measures or quality inspired procedures in place. And don’t get me going on their use of consultants.
Two of the recent reports I have read and published by Bass Coast Shire were written from templates. Such reports are useless, unless you can read the scoping documents given to the consultants and also what, if any instructions were given to them for formal deliverables, including a financial analysis for the recommendations. E.g. a net present value would be good with sensitivity analysis.
Rod Gallagher, Inverloch.