At last we can see light at the end of the proverbial tunnel!
During the COVID-19 restrictions, much mention has been made of our local small businesses suffering due to lack of tourism and holiday trade, made worse by coming after the fire season which resulted in a huge decrease in visitors to our area.
However, there are sufficient numbers of residents who should be able to support these local businesses which we will miss if forced to close down.
I hazard a guess that most of us are members of a group or organisation of some description, be it service-based such as Freemasons, Lions, Rotary, business and tourism, etc, as well as sporting clubs, CWA, SES, CFA, car clubs, bridge clubs, and walking and cycling groups. The list is huge.
Surely then, when restrictions permit, each of these groups could book a regular gathering at a local venue on a weekly basis.
Having a regular group booking for breakfast, for instance, would be a great help to a local bakery or cafe which could employ staff with certainty.
I am confident that most of us can afford such an outing on a regular basis and a group could also negotiate a group price structure. I would happily give a discount to a booking of 15 or more.
We would be investing in our own community by this action and supporting businesses which support us and our organisations, as well as investing in our own health and wellbeing delivering the obvious rewards.
Ken Barnes, Wonthaggi.