THE San Remo Fisherman’s Co-op want our local healthcare workers to know how much they appreciate their work.
So, they’ve come up with the idea of ‘Thank You Thursday’.
On Thursday, September 10, all Bass Coast healthcare workers (doctors, nurses, ambos and aged care workers) are welcome to visit San Remo Co-op for a ‘Thank you box’, donated by the fishermen of San Remo Co-op.
Each box will contain one piece of Bass Strait gummy, one Bass Strait scallop, chips, lemon and housemade aioli.
Bookings aren’t needed. If you are a Bass Coast healthcare worker, just turn up and show them your work ID card.
The co-op fishermen have really embraced this idea, and this week the shop will be receiving donated shark and scallops from the captain and crew of the following boats: FV Metis, FV Marylou, FV Endeavour, FV Daryl R, FV Sharben, and FV Northern Star.