Why South Gippsland Conservation Society (SGCS)?
It was so disappointing yet not unexpected to read last week’s article in relation to the SGCS requesting the re-allocation of the funding allocated to the Surf Parade pathway.
This is a project that SGCS has been fighting to stop for over a decade now.
Despite what I think may have been the most thorough community consultation process ever taken by the Bass Coast Shire which clearly concluded that over 70 per cent of the respondents/people of Inverloch want the pathway completed in the planned manner, they still try to stop it. This pathway is/will be one of the most valuable recreational facilities not just in Inverloch but in our shire. The community clearly and overwhelmingly have shown to our shire that they want it and for any single purposed group to try to put their viewpoint over the broader community is undemocratic.
A healthy community is one that finds balance between their social, economic and environmental needs. No one need should dominate the others and, in this case, a single purpose environmental group is continually pushing their ideology over the needs and balance of the whole community.
Max Wells, Inverloch.