My cynicism meter was off the Richter scale when I saw Cr Whelan’s photo “opportunity” that appeared in the SGST, September 1, 2020.
The photo showing Cr Whelan posing with his dog was frankly quite laughable.
Cr Whelan supposedly represents the Island Ward – and I use the word “represents” very loosely – yet voted against the approval for the introduction of beach off-leash areas in San Remo, Cape Woolamai and Cowes West (BCSC meeting, October 16, 2019).
A survey was conducted – along with stakeholder consultation – for the establishment of recreation areas which garnered a total of 1817 survey responses – over 80 per cent were in favour of this initiative.
The people who completed the survey provided overwhelming support for having designated off-leash beaches in San Remo, Cape Woolamai, Cowes West, Newhaven and Ventnor.
Cr Whelan was very critical and dismissive of those survey participants – even though 80 per cent of survey respondents were from Cowes – and made his feelings very clear in an article in the Phillip Island and San Remo Advertiser (November 7, 2019).
And a loud warning to all canines and their humans – BEWARE to ALL – a former councillor posed for a very similar photo a few years back – with her family and canine – while “unleashing” her personal campaign to restrict all canines and their humans from local beaches in Inverloch. Her campaign was relentless and brought great heartache and grief to many local residents as a result!
These types of pics that purport friendliness as seen in Cr Whelan’s pose smacks of political manoeuvre and manipulation.
Charlie Ruby, Surf Beach.