ISLAND candidate Ron Bauer has put his finger on one of the hot-button issues in coastal towns over the summer – weekly red bin collection.

It’s part of his platform for election.

A vote for Ron is a vote for red bins but that’s not all.

In a statement this week, ahead of nominations closing on Tuesday, September 22 at 12 noon he says what he stands for:

“Your vote for me is a vote for you, whether you are a resident or holiday homeowner.

“I am an independent and fresh voice for our ward. I have an energetic and committed outlook to sustainably develop our island to be the best destination for ecotourism, as well as improved infrastructure for islanders.

“I stand and will fight for:

* Erosion measures in this climate emergency

* Council decision-making transparency

* Controlling costs within the council

* Consultation on island issues

* Collection of the red bins weekly in the summer months

* Road maintenance

* Improved public transport facilities and signage

* Construction of the sports hub including the aquatic centre and skate park

* Interconnected safely lit bicycle paths across the island

* Improved walking paths and trails throughout our island home

* Improved surf beach facilities

* Well managed off-leash runs for our four-legged friends

* And, in the long term, an iconic jetty for Cowes.

“Having run a small business for 45 years, I understand how tough it can be for businesses and appreciate their concerns.

“I am married to Nancie and have two adult daughters. My family and I have been involved with the island for 40 years. Nancie and I made the sea change six years ago and love our island home and its people.

“I want to be the voice for your needs and concerns.

“A vote for me is a vote for you!” said Ron this week.